Natural Remedies for Itching

Here are some of the best home remedies for itching:
• Take a bath in a can of evaporated milk; you can include other combinations like oatmeal etc. The milk works effectively to sooth the itching.
• Apply aloe vera, cod liver oil, Vitamin E oil lemon juice, or wheat germ oil to the itchy area.
• Cornstarch helps relive itching. You can put some into your bath water or dust it onto your body.
• Scrub the affected area lightly with a pumice e stone. Then bathe with soap, apply little alcohol ad dab a thick layer of Vaseline over it. This will provide relief from itching.
• Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to your bathwater to relive itchy skin.
• Apply cold compress to the itchy area. It is believed to bring relief from itching.


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