Chronic Hand Eczema Treatment, Aliretionin(Toctino),

Two years ago, a new treatment for chronic hand eczema was launched in the form of Aliretionin(Toctino) It is a part of the retinoid group of medicines that originates from vitamin A and have treated effectively skin diseases like psoriasis and acne for the past 40 years. In medical trials it has successfully treated chronic hand eczema in almost 50% of patients within 6 months and has recently been recommended for use in the NHS by NICE. You have to check with your doctor, since it is a prescription medicine.

Like all medicines Aliretionin is not without possible side effects including headache and increasing your cholesterol levels. As a retinoid it may cause birth defects in pregnant women, so they should avoid it. Aliretionin has given a huge ray of hope for lots of people who are suffering from Chronic eczema.


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