Home Remedies for Eczema Scars, Marks

Here are natural ways to remove eczema marks or scars. We need to understand that though eczema can be brought under control through natural topical treatments or home remedies; there can be eczema marks on the skin which refuse to leave. Here is a few natural treatment or home remedies for eczema scar treatment:
1. Soften the skin: The nature of scar skin is recognized by its rough, stiff surface. It has to be loosened to be scrubbed easily. To soften the eczema scar, apply olive oil that can soften the skin without interfering with the pores. After the oil is applied, make the skin warm to loosen the scarred areas. Take 1 tablespoon of the oil in your palms and massage the oil on to the eczema scar area for a couple of minutes. . Place a hot washcloth over the area until the cloth becomes totally cool, then wipe away the oil. Do this three times per day.
2. Remove the scarred skin: The freshly loosened eczema scars can be sloughed by massaging that region with a slight abrasive substance that does not harm the skin. One very good substance in this regard, is the baking soda that is very good as an exfoliate, capable of removing dead cells without making the skin itch. Mix two tablespoons of bakin soda with a tea spoon of water, and make a paste. Put this paste gently into the eczema scarred area for two minutes, focusing on the area of the skin that is darkest. Rinse the area properly with lukewarm water. Use baking soda scrub daily.
3. Tone the skin: The freshly scrubbed skin should then be given an even complexion and tone with a toner that has Vitamin C. This will restore the skin’s natural texture and make the skin rebuild new skin cells. You can also use lemon or lime juice in a concentrated manner to tone the skin after it has been well exfoliated. Pour an empty spray bottle with lime juice and spray it on the skin after scrubbing it well. Let the juice try onto the skin. Use this toner every time after utilizing the baking soda scrub, three times a day.
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