Pixel Laser for Eczema Scars?

Pixel laser skin treatment is great for removing eczema scars, better skin complexion skin texture and tone and preventing wrinkles. A high energy beam of light is transmitted to the tissue and skin areas. These beams of light can vary depending on the intensity and type of tissue that is being targeted. The technical direction of a light source is focused in a particular area of skin that is medically known as "selective photothermolysis" in the picture "refers to the 'light' and 'thermolysis' is' the breakdown by heat '. The "selective photothermolysis" may be addressed to the entire selected area of skin, while "fractional photothermolysis" is used only in certain regions of the selected target area.

The laser beam is activated by the laser pixels, is divided into several smaller beams that produce microscopic spots on the skin, known as Micro Thermal Zones (MTZs). These MTZs can move deeper into the skin, destroying the cells old, dead. downtime laser pixel can be from 7 to 10 days. On the first day, the elastic skin may feel dry and sunburned. For the next following days, the skin turns pink squamous and for the next seven days, the skin tone out and the complexion becomes better. For people with thicker skin, the idle time can be 10 days. It is not advisable to venture into the sun during the downtime.

Pixel treatment results vary from person to person and usually is recommended after treatment for acne or eczema is made. For deep scars, may require more of the meetings of the Pixel laser treatments for best results.

People with poor history of healing of skin, those who have taken isotretinoin within the last six months or pregnant women with hormonal changes and the pigment should not take Pixel laser treatment.


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