Atopic Eczema Home Remedies

Here are some useful home remedies for atopic eczema dermatitis. Home remedies for eczema are better because they do not have any side-effects involved and are good for your skin Here are some of the ways in which you can treat atopic eczema without using costly medication

1. Take one teaspoon of camphor and another teaspoon of sandalwood taste and apply the mixture on the areas that are affected. You can also apply the paste on the areas where you got rashes.
2. Apply Vitamin E on the affected are and use nutmeg paste on the affected areas to get relief from itching.
3. Since softening the skin is important to get rid of dry skin, apply cotton oil or honey on the eczema affected areas.
4. Light mud pack can also be good as a home remedy for atopic eczema
5. Biotin pills can also help get rid of atopic dermatitis
6. Drink fresh tomato juice, this can help in detoxifying your skin
7. You can apply zinc or take it orally on the affected areas.
8. Have a sun bath, staying indoors can also be a problem
9. Take 200 grams of mustard oil in a container. Let it boil and then add 50 grams of fresh neem leaves to the boiling oil. Keep heating till the leaves become dark. Let the oil cool and sieve it. You can apply this oil concoction to the skin many times a day.


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