Eczema Clothing: Cotton Best for Eczema

Loose cotton clothing is recommended for eczema patients. A lot of people are misinformed about the fact that clothes also contribute to the worsening of eczema. So here is what can be considered as eczema clothing to wear:
1. Stay away from clothes that cause sweating: Refrain from wearing clothes like wool, cashmere, polyster, blended wool which can cause sweating to the skin. Silk and leather outfits that cause sweating and heat also have to be avoided. Try touching your skin with the fabric and if you feel that It feels itchy, then you are better off not wearing it.
2. Cotton is the best clothing to wear for eczema: Make sure that the underwear and other clothes which are in direct contact with the skin is cotton.
3. Stay away from laundry detergents, perfumes and other irritants. Make sure that you do not wear jewelry that cause allergic reactions like nickel
In short, only wear clothes that do feels easy on the skin during eczema


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