Emollient Moisturizer side-effects

There is no side-effect of an emollient moisturizing cream per se, but certain brands of creams and lotions put fragrances and perfumes as add-ons. As a rule, eczema people should only use non-perfumed emollient moisturizer.

For people who are allergic to certain fragrances and additives, their skin inflammation can become worse. One may recall that aqueous cream, once commonly used moisturizer has been facing criticism because of its allergic reactions. It has also been seen that ointments have less problems with skin sensitivity because there are no preservatives in them compared to ointments.

If you suspect that you are sensitive to an emollient then see your doctor for advice. There are many different types of emollients with various ingredients. A switch to a different type will usually sort this uncommon problem. Note: ointments tend to cause less problems with skin sensitivity as, unlike creams, ointments usually do not contain preservatives. Adults can use at least 500 gram emollient tub per week while a child can use the same quantity for two weeks. Also do not use paraffin based emollients in the presence of lights and flames, because they are flammable.


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