Face Eczema Treatment through Medicines

How to treat eczema on the face? Here is the medication that may be prescribed by your doctor to treat face eczema:

This is a patient specific condition for someone with lichenified eczema on the face, so you do not have to really follow the same exact course. This is just a guideline on how treatment for facial eczema is done:

1. Apply Fucibet ointment twice a day on the patchy area for 2 weeks. After this, the dermatologist may ask you to go for a milder Desonide lotion or Softcor, which is methylpredinsolone aceponate cream. The doctor may also prescribe Halobetasol Propionate Cream(Halobet) instead of Fucibet which is a stronger corticosteroid in case the eczema is severe. In all cases, the doctor will (or rather should) avoid giving you stronger steroid eczema creams or ointments because the face is a sensitive area of the body.

2. It is possible for the face to develop pigmentation or scar due to the itch. So a digpmentation cream like Depiwhite may be administered to fade out brown spots on the skin and even out complexion.

3. To ease the pigmentation totally, you may be asked to go for laser treatment Here is more information on pixel laser treatment for eczema scars

Also check out natural remedies for eczema face treatment


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