Honey Treatment for Eczema

Honey can be one of the best home remedies to treat eczema. This is because honey has ingredients which when eaten can strengthen your immunity that is strong enough to sustain allergic reactions that can cease eczema. Though there are no conclusive evidence that say that home remedies can cure eczema, there have been many who have been thankful to a simple product like honey which has worked wonders as a good natural eczema remedy.

Applying honey topically
Raw honey when mixed with beeswax and olive oil can be a very good home remedy for eczema, according to Complementary Therapies in Medicine (study published in 2003). When honey is applied to eczema areas, it reduces inflammation, itching and even the need to take cortisone medicines. Dermatologists may not endorse honey as a treatment for eczema but it does provide relief and yes, without any, side-effect.


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