How to Use Topical Steroids

Only use topical steroids on your eczema prone skin, as directed by your dermatologist. Some people continue to use topical steroids for a long-term basis, disobeying what the doctor told, just to make sure that there is no eczema flare-up in future. This is not really required, because if it is, the doctor will tell you. Some people who have severe eczema may be on continuous steroid treatment but this should also be under the doctor’s observation. You can always use emollient moisturizer liberally everyday to prevent eczema flare-ups, on a day –to-day basis, instead.

Though we talked about people, particularly eczema suffers overusing topical steroids in the first paragraph; there are also problems of people using these corticosteroids too little. There are some people who have the fear of topical steroids that are unfounded and baseless. They may apply less than what is prescribed and do not use the kind of consistency that has been asked for. Using very less many times, actually translates into using these steroids for longer periods, triggering a side-effect. Please look at fingertip units of topical steroid cream application, to know how to apply these creams and ointment on your eczema skin topically.


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