Discoid Eczema Pictures, Treatment, Causes

Look at these pictures and get an idea of Discoid Eczema treatment.

Discoid Eczema Pictures

Discoid eczema can affect the lower leg in particular and other parts of the body in general. There may be patchy appearances which can last for weeks or even months. The majority of these patches are oval or round, which gives rise o the name ‘discoid’ or ‘nummular dermatitis’ means the eczema is shaped like a coin or disc.

Causes of Discoid Eczema
Discoid eczema’s cause cannot be pinpointed. It does not run in families nor is it a result of food allergy. It has been seen that in some cases, an insect bite or a burn can trigger the eczema. In some children, atopic dermatitis can lead to this problem. Dry skin in the winter months can be cause.

Discoid Eczema Treatment
In many cases, there is no need for a medical investigation because discoid eczema or nummular eczema has a characteristic look in the form of those coin shaped patches. But a patch testing may be done to find out if there is a contact allergy that is responsible for this form of dermatitis.

Here is the course of treatment that may be needed:

1. Emollients: Moisturizing creams, bath oils can be quite effective. Apply them to areas with discoid eczema as frequently as advised by the doctor to relieve itching, dryness and scaling. Some of the products that are helpful include glycerine, sorbolene, white soft paraffin, wool fat lotions, liquid paraffin etc. Read more about emollient creams for eczema

2. Topical steroids: Topical steroids are anti-inflammatory creams or ointments that are available on prescription that may clear the discoid eczema and ease the irritation. The stronger products are applied to the patchy area once or twice daily for about 15 days. They have to be repeatedly used from time to time. The doctor may also recommend mild hydrocortisone for daily use if needed.

3. Oral antihistamine pills: Oral antihistamine pills can reduce the itching and is particularly useful at night time.
4. Antibiotics: Antibiotics given orally or topically like flucloxallin is important if the skin has a crusted appearance or is weepy. With oral antibiotics, the discoid eczema is totally cleared but may return if one does not follow the advice of the doctor and discontinues on one’s own accord.

5. Ultraviolet treatment can also help in severe cases.

6. Moisturize the skin: Discoid or Nummular Eczema can return even after taking the medicines; so it is important that you moisturize the skin and say clear of allergens like chemicals, detergents, dust etc.

The patches of discoid eczema can look like patches that appear and remain for some weeks or even n months. The patches are colored brown, red, pink and have a bumply, crusted surface or appear dry and cracked. Discoid eczema can be very itchy. After treatment, discoid eczema patches do leave without a scar but in some cases, the marks may remain.


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