Hand Eczema Pictures, Treatment- Hand Dermatitis

Look at the hand eczema pictures below to find out how hand dermatitis affects the skin. The cause of hand eczema can be either Seborrheic Dermatitis or Atopic Dermatitis, in most cases. We will also talk about hand dermatitis symptoms, causes and treatment.

Hand Eczema Pictures

Hand Eczema symptoms and signs

Hand dermatitis symptoms can become severe without treatment. Let us look at the symptoms:
1. Chapped, dry hands
2. Lesions filled with pus, crusting, itching along with pain
3. Blisters on the skin, the latter may become cracked and weep
4. Hands get a scaly appearance with patches on it while causing inflammation
5. The nails can get deformed if there is no treatment
6. The infection or allergy can spread to the arms and feet if not treated properly or in time.

Risk factors for Hand Dermatitis

1. Hand dermatitis are seen in 80 percent of job related skin problems. Close to 10 percent of people in the US have hand eczema.
2. Newborns and senior citizens are at more risk of hand dermatitis
3. Compared to men, women are at more risk, because as housewives, nurses and stylists, they have to dip their hands in water more often. A study says 30 percent of nurses in US have hand dermatitis.

Causes of hand dermatitis

1. It can be due to genetic problems.
2. An allergic reaction triggers when the body’s immune system reacts uniquely to a particular substance that everyone’s immune system may not over-respond to . In hand dermatitis, it has been seen that the allergens are nickel, rubber, Balsam of Peru.
3. Water and liquids: Frequent contact with water while washing can drain off the oils from the skin. Since the protective skin oil is being removed at a faster pace compared to the replacement, it can make the skin more prone to hand dermatitis.
4. Lack of proper protective gear: Te best example here is gloves. When you are in a profession or job that makes your hand come in contact with allergens, one should have a glove Even removing and putting the gloves back on frequently can cause the germs to get into the gloves and cause irritation.
5. Atopic Eczema: 12 to 24 percent of patients who have atopic eczema have hand eczema as well. People who have atopic eczema during childhood find out that the eczema fades away during their growing area and comes back in later 20s or 30s to hands and feet.
6. Other factors for hand dermatitis : Environmental changes, perspiration and stress are triggers for hand eczema.

Hand Eczema Diagnosis

Hand dermatitis diagnosis can be done through the following tests:
1 Patch testing: Patch testing can find out the cause for hand eczema. This involves applying allergens that are suspected of causing the problem on the back of the individual. If the patient is not allergic, nothing happens but if he or she , there can be some reaction. All reactions do not happen immediately; the patent may be asked to return in 48 hours and then the condition is evaluated.

2. Biopsy: To diagnose hand dermatitis, the doctor may just scrap off some part of the affected skin area and look into the microscope to find out if there is an infection.

3. Medical history: The doctor may be able to find out the condition by looking at the condition of the skin. But he will ask questions about when did the dermatitis happen first, if it is present in other areas and the treatments used so far.

Hand Dermatitis Treatment

1. Depending upon the condition, the doctor may give anything from a mild corticosteroid to a powerful one. You should apply in the same way as instructed by the doctor, lest there may be side-effects. Mycophenolate mofetil, methotrexate, cyclosporine may be also be prescribed.
2. Antibotics: To clear the infection, a topical or oral antibiotic may be prescribed.
3. Calcineurin Inhibitor: If topical steroids is not fine, the doctor may go for an alternative called topical calcineurin inhibitor. One of the best topical calcineurin inhibitors to treat hand eczema is Pimecrolimus.
4. Phototherapy; Light therapy that has a medicine called psorlen along with UVA light treatment (together called PUVA) can treat hand dermatitis
5. Botulinum toxin type A: In case of people who get hand dermatitis due to excessive perspiration can get comprehensive treatment in the form of regular injections called Botulinum toxin type A; a famous cosmetic treatment.

Prevent Hand Dermatitis

1. You can prevent hand eczema by using emollients and moisturizers.
2. Avoid irritants and allergens that can cause problem to the skin. The patch testing will tell which substances you should stay away. From. For instance, nickel is a common cause of hand eczema; if is found so in the patient’s case, he or she should avoid wearing jewelry that contains nickel and stop foods that have nickel like canned foods.
3. Do not wear the same gloves: Changes the gloves more often and also makes sure that the inside material is clear because irritants can stick there. Also dermatologists say that you should not wear latex gloves.


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