Difference between Psoriasis and Eczema

Here is the difference between psoriasis and eczema.

Eczema is an allergic reaction of the body to certain substances and irritants such as soaps, detergents, etc. The skin becomes dry and flaky and causes itching. Eczema affects the skin only.
Psoriasis is genetic in nature. Psoriasis is identified by the condition of dry and patchy skin, with occasional raised appearance containing bumps. It may cause itching, which may sometimes result in skin bleeding. The effect of psoriasis may be seen as arthritic pain of the joints.
Eczema or psoriasis will cause discomfort and heartburn, irrespective of whether they are present in smaller zits or in explosive or expansive condition.
The signs and symptoms of eczema include the following:
• Allergic in nature to an irritant
• Dry skin
• May be with blisters in some cases
• May have raised spots
• Haunting itching
The signs and symptoms of psoriasis include the following:
• Red and rough skin
• Raised appearance
• May or may not cause itching
• The spot will have scaly flake
• May cause bleeding
The Causes:
• Eczema is normally caused by some irritants such as detergents, soaps and such similar substances in the form of allergic reactions over the body skin.
• Psoriasis is caused by a number of conditions. Among the factors that cause psoriasis, genetic predisposition dominates.
The Treatments:
• Eczema can be avoided by not giving a chance of exposure to the irritants.
• Eczema is confined to the skin ailments. Irrespective of the extent and condition of disease, early consultation with a doctor is better as any delay may result in extra infections.
• As far as psoriasis is concerned, very little can be done, as the basic cause is linked to genetics. Psoriasis has the symptoms of arthritic joint pains. The scaly flake and itching may become acute with bleeding if not treated at the earliest.


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